Defiant Jighead Green Pumpkin

Jigheads are not all created equal.  Let's get back to our core philosophies: 

1.  GET BIT.   Attention to details, the cosmetic features of the lure, and most importantly the swimming motions fool wary fish into striking.   Fish with the confidence that your Defiant Jighead WILL get bit.

2.  Hook Fish.  The 2nd and equally as important criteria that we demand of our lures.  The Defiant Jighead features a custom Decoy 11 Black Nickel jig hook.  Incredibly sharp and strong.  Penetrate easily deep into the throat of the custom hook.

3.  High Landing Percentage.  The Final and critically important feature is a higher than average landing percentage due to the above industry standard jig hook.  The unique twist lock bait keeper will also keep your plastic trailers from being pulled down away from the jighead by short biting fish.  This keeps your lure fishing as intended and allows those fish to commit until they bite our super sharp custom hook.  

*To rig the lure properly, begin by threading the lure on as normal.  DO NOT SHOVE THE PLASTIC up into the twist lock.  Begin to twist the entire body of the bait around the hook shank and point to complete a revolution.  Repeat until the plastic sits flush against the jighead.  No more super glue needed!

Available in the following sizes:

1/8oz 2/0 Hook - 2 Pack

3/16oz 3/0 Hook - 2 Pack

1/4oz 3/0 Hook - 2 Pack

3/8oz 3/0 Hook - 2 Pack

1/2oz 4/0 Hook - 2 Pack

5/8oz 5/0 Hook - 2 Pack

3/4oz 5/0 Hook - 1 Pack

1oz 7/0 Hook - 1 Pack

1.5oz 10/0 Hook - 1 Pack

2oz 10/0 Hook - 1 Pack